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Bible/Christian Word Search Puzzles

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If you are looking for Bible or Christian Word Search Puzzles – you have come to the right place.

Herein are 562 free and printable Bible Word Search Puzzles – as well as puzzle paperback books, puzzle books on CD, and downloadable puzzle books.

List of Books Available

Here is a list of eight of the puzzle books we have written and published:

Bible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. I: Extracts from the BibleBible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. II:  Women in the BibleBible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. III: Fathers in  the BibleBible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. IV:  Prayers in the BibleBible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. V:  Victories in the BibleBible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. VI:  Parables in the BibleBible Word Search Puzzles: Vol. VII: Promises in the BibleChristian Word Search Puzzles: Vol. 1:  Foundations in the Bible

Bible Word Search Puzzles

Christian Word Search Puzzles

How To Order Books

We offer the Bible/Christian Word Search Puzzle books in three different delivery methods for your convenience:

Products – Delivery Methods

  1. Paperback Books – Mailed to You
  2. Puzzles Books on CD – Books Mailed to you on a CD
  3. Download Puzzle E-Books – You Download & Print on your Printer

Place Your Order

  1. Purchase On-line
  2. Mail in Order Form – Print Order Form/Send Check/Money Order

Free Puzzles

There are 562 free and printable Bible Word Search Puzzles. We have organized them in alphabetical order for your convenience. Choose a puzzle, click and print. It is that simple.

Teaching Aides

We have prepared a host of Teaching Aids for you. There are Lesson Plans and Group Activities that can be used in Sunday School, Bible Study, Prison Ministry and more.


See what are regular user/readers have to say about the Bible Word Search puzzles and how they use them in ministry. Get some fresh ideas that might help you get the most from the free puzzles.

Sample Puzzle

Our puzzle books are 5.5″ x 8.5″ or 6″ x 9″ – Below is a sample -
from Volume VII: Promises in the Bible – click to print.

Click to Print Sample Puzzle


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Please help us get the “Word” out about the 562 Free Bible Word Search Puzzles (with Scriptures) that are available on this website. In addition to the puzzles, we also feature a Combined Index of all the puzzles, easy search capability, as well as Lesson Plans and Group Activities for use with the puzzles – All Free!

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